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This is about the powerful defender of the Maelstrom. For his fight page see The Greg.

Gregory Greg (The Greg)






Brute Human


Defenders of Maelstrom, Conbridge Guard


Current: Hall of the Forgotten


Hall of the Forgotten (As risen) Cripple Side (Death)


Deceased, Re-active





The Greg (Gregory Greg) was a powerful warrior fighting for the defense of the Maelstrom. He was a force to be reckoned with from the day he was a child. Over his years of growth and determination, he has become one of the greatest heroes known to mankind.

As a Child[]

Greg didn't like losing. He was a "win or die" type of person. At the age of 11, he became interested in the defense of Conbridge, and speaked to Head Guard Dale (who at the time, was appointed to the defense of the main gates) and asked for request to join. Of course, he has been denied.

At the age of 16, Greg tried again, with a new axe he has built, dubbing it "Knowing."

Dale asked to fight him in a suitable fair play match. Greg accepted. They fought for a mere five minutes, where Greg's axe could predict for a mere moment where Dale's attack would have been. Greg smashed the shoulder plate and Dale's sword in half with one swing, thus earning him admission into the battle.

The Advancement of Knowing[]

At the time, Knowing was a normal, but slender, woodcutting axe. Greg did earn his main living as a lumberjack. But it is unknown if he ever got a Woodcutting skill cape. Greg, at 21, got some rare materials together and fused them into his axe, which now, had runic properties, as well as a more severe look. It became more heavier, now two-handed.

The Great Fight and Death[]

Age 27-30, Greg fought in the battle defense against the Maelstrom, against the two legends Grimmok and OMNI. Greg added the plan of catapult defense. This ended in many ambidroids taking successful damage, and Grimmok's death drakeflight perished in mere numbers.

Grimmok and OMNI got enraged, attacking both Archonos and Chronica.

Nikk and Spetzraz, (though enemies) fought against the legend, and successfully cut them loose, back into the Maelstrom portal.

It was before they realized a trump card had been played, where many Grim came out and burned many of the Maelstrom's legions to a crisp.

Greg slayed over 160 Grim. However, he met his end at seven Grim Legion leaders, who with careful scythe cutting and demise, brought him down.


Now today, The Greg is reborn in the Hall of the Forgotten, angrily challenging anyone.