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The Scales of the West is the western most region of a greater land; the kingdom of Rynd Zalah. The Scales of the West is one of Rynd Zalah's most defensible locations on the land mass, and being the most western region, is the closest region to many other lands of the Horizon. The only settlement in the Scales of the West is the fortified city of Honours Call. The approach to Honours Call is treacherous, as many small islands dot the sea to the west of the city, each island has one or two cannon towers, and a garrison of troops, plus the mass of islands makes navigation treacherous. The Scales of the West, although part of the western province, holds onto its own ruler, the Scale-Lord, as opposed to the Warden of the West, providing a unique position of autonomy in an otherwise imperially ruled land.

Notable Features[]

The Scales of the West is a rugged, grey, and bleak mountainous region, meaning the region lacks in many features common in other regions; forests, plains, meadows. However, its intense and awesome terrain, as well as many ancient ruins from the Amdrosi people, provide many unique areas within the region.

  • The Titans of Amdros: Great statues of ancient Amdrosi kings, the Titan's are the subjects of many myths and legends. There are four Titan's in total, two flanking each side of a mountain pass to the east.
  • The Amdrosi Cascade: A great waterfall deep in the mountains, the Amdrosi Cascade plummets from the Hrandal Peak into a vast, crystal green lake. One of the few "beautiful" areas within the region, the Amdrosi Cascade is one of the few active destinations for the people of Honours Call.