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Combat_32.gif Thorns of Thrice




Half-human/Half-forgotten, Elf


??? Boss


Adventurer: 454,000,000

Standard: Scales

Master: Scales

Hardened: Scales

Rising: 512,000,000




Thornguard Asylum, Vryllon Citadel




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For the biography pages, see Salmoneo Eus and Hawthorne de Diaum.

The Thorns of Thrice is the first boss battle in the Vryllon Citadel epic raid. It is a one-phase encounter (two on Rising) that revolves around dealing with attacks from both Salmoneo and Hawthorne, sometimes simultaneously.


Dungeon Guide[]

Salmoneo Eus and Hawthorne de Diaum, long-time associates of the Shard of the Sun known for their insidious autonomy in handling corrupt and political affairs, have worked towards their aspirations of the Shardlord's recognition, such as that they too could become one of the Seven Sols. But now fate has finally led them to meet face to face with the adventurers and their allies who have sought their defeat for so long. Time and time again, they have fled to escape what now has become inevitable, and there is a due to pay, or perhaps a chance of freedom.

Encounter Design[]

With the nature of these two known for their nefarious acts of terrorism and political corruption, we aimed to look at the two as a cloak-and-dagger boss fight, featuring mechanics that require players to help the raid out along with dealing with the nuisances they utilize. With this in mind, we wanted to expand on the playerbase knowledge of boss battles - as these two use attacks and abilities that at the same time must be countered.


The Thorns of Thrice encounter focuses on Salmoneo Eus and Hawthorne de Diaum's attacks, while also dealing with the nuisances they use all encounter. Salmoneo will plant explosives in efforts to bring the asylum down on the adventurer's heads whilst summoning adds to assault the raid. Hawthorne will rain death from above, even pinning adventurers in place. At intervals, he'll descend to attack the raid himself. Understanding the intervals at when the two cast simultaneous attacks will aid the players in mitigating damage and preventing a wipe.


The Thorns of Thrice encounter has one phase on all difficulties but Rising.

Phase I: Nowhere to Run[]

Salmoneo and Hawthorne assault the raid. Hawthorne will jump up above while Salmoneo stays on the ground level.

  • Simul Strength: Salmoneo and Hawthorne deal 25% more damage when they are on the same level.

Salmoneo Eus[]

  • Cabalistic Blast: Deals 276,505 - 281,955 damage to the target, slowing them by 5%. This stacks indefinitely.
  • Arcane Knives: Materializes knives of arcane energy out of the floors, impaling targets hit for 115,605 - 119,895 damage, and causing a bleed that deals 28,900 damage per second for 6 seconds. This stacks.
  • Bookburner: Salmoneo sprays flames in front of him, dealing 350,000 damage to all enemies in a 6 yard cone.
  • Asylum Insanic: Mind controls an enemy, forcing them to do Salmoneo's bidding for six seconds. Increases damage taken by 200%.
  • Liquidating Container: Summons a Liquidating Container to attack the raid.
    • Containment Blast: Deals 106,505 - 111,455 damage to all enemies in a 5 yard area.
    • Liquidating Residue: When the container expires, the elemental leaves dampening residue for 6 seconds. Players take 55,455 - 56,895 damage per second, giving them Liquidated.
      • Liquidated: Allows the user to freeze bombs. Lasts 5 seconds.
  • Bomb Run: Deals 100,000 damage to all enemies. Increases speed by 100% for 15 seconds, and plants bombs at several locations.
    • Colossal Bomb: After 15 seconds, the bomb explodes, dealing 150,000 damage to all enemies within 150 yards of the blast.
    • Mechanized Bomb: After 12 seconds, the bomb explodes, dealing 250,000 damage to all raid members and slowing them for 3 seconds. Can only be liquidated.

Hawthorne de Diaum[]

  • Rotting Storm: Rains plague-infused canisters on random areas, dealing 135,000 - 140,000 damage to all enemies hit within a 5 yard radius.
  • Rain of Knives: Targets random players for knife volleys, dealing 94,560 - 99,891 damage every 1 second for 5 seconds if hit.
  • Shadowcast: Roots random players with dark knives, slowing them for 50% for 6 seconds, and dealing 36,709 - 45,654 damage every second for 6 seconds.
    • Thorned Shadowcast: Roots random players with dark knives, sticking them in place indefinitely until the knife is destroyed. Deals 78,509 - 84,321 damage every second.
  • Vorpal's Edge: Summons giant daggers that run rampant throughout the room, dealing 178,504 - 193,121 damage to all enemies hit. Lasts 10 seconds.
  • Oblivion's Descent: Hawthorne descends, slamming the ground with potent magic, dealing 300,000 damage to all enemies within a 10 yard radius of the landing point.
  • Dashing Daggers: Hawthorne jumps in front, dealing 100,000 damage to all enemies in front of him, then strikes the farthest target for 85,000 - 90,000 damage.
  • Dancing Infestation: Impales a target, dealing 267,895 damage over 12 seconds, every second. Once the target is healed, the infestation jumps to another target, dealing 20% less damage. Cannot jump more than once every 3 seconds.
  • Flaming Cinders: Periodically, flaming cinders emanate from Hawthorne. These cinders explode after 6 seconds, dealing 200,000 damage to all enemies within 30 yards unless destroyed otherwise.
  • Oblivion's Ascent: Deals 50,000 damage to all enemies, leaving a debuff that doubles this damage to all members upon use. Stacks. Ascends to the top level.

Phase II: Mischief's Last Stand[]

Salmoneo and Hawthorne reveal their most hidden secrets in an effort to wipe out the intrusion that has come within the citadel's halls...

Salmoneo Eus[]

  • Glass Blast: Deals 98,343 - 105,432 damage to the target. Salmoneo casts this faster when near Hawthorne.
  • Arsenal of Glass: Salmoneo summons glass archers to defend himself, and in the midst of the summoning, showers the entire raid in glass, dealing 120,000 damage to all enemies, leaving them with Glass Laceration.
    • Glass Laceration: Deals 14,509 - 14,987 damage every 3 seconds for 2 minutes.
    • Above the Curve: When the archer dies, it leaves behind its bow with a will of its own. The user's abilities reflect that of the bow it wields. Additionally, empowers all other bows by 20%.
    • Crystallized: Destroying a bow yields Crystal Essence to enemies within 5 yards. Players with three stacks of essence gain a 25% damage increase to Salmoneo, but take triple damage from Glass Laceration.
  • Casta's Repeater: Every three strikes, Casta fires three shots at three random targets within 10 yards of the original target.
  • Theta's Trueshot: If Theta's target has 15% or less health, the bow deals 200,000 damage after a 3 second cast.
  • Epoch's Ballista: Every 30 seconds, Epoch's bow will slow time on their target, reducing movement speed and haste by 50% for 6 seconds.
  • Mirna's Stride: Every 15 seconds, Mirna's bow heals the other bows for 10% of their maximum health.
  • Dasim's Recurve: Every 30 seconds, Dasim's bow fires knockback, adding a stack of Glass Laceration to the target, and dealing 54,432 - 55,889 damage over 5 seconds.

Hawthorne de Diaum[]

  • Leaking Xei Energies: Each time Hawthorne loses 20% of his health, he reduces the maximum health of all enemies by 10%. This stacks thrice.
  • Arcane Expellation: Hawthorne charges up a powerful arcane blast, exploding for 265,055 - 278,455 damage to all enemies within 30 yards.
  • Sol Pillar: Conjures up a massive Sol Pillar that deals damage to the raid unless destroyed, and empowering minions Hawthorne summons.
    • Brimming Radiance: Deals 54,321 - 55,652 damage to all enemies every 2 sec within 10 yards.
    • Overpower: The pillar blasts the ground with an overload of solium energy, dealing 1,250,000 damage split amongst all raid members.
    • Amplification: The pillar empowers nearby Sol reavers, magisters, and archers, increasing their health, damage and haste by 20%. Stacks.
  • Unleash Capacitor: Deals 545,609 - 551,324 damage over 3 seconds to enemies in front of Hawthorne. For 3 seconds after, Hawthorne is stunned.
  • Activate Mechanism: Hawthorne will activate explosive energy orbs every 30 seconds that circle the room.
    • Crackling Energy: The orb deals 61,323 - 61,443 damage every 1 sec.
    • Explosive Energy: Contact with the orb detonates it, dealing 500,000 damage to all enemies within 20 yards.
    • Mirrored Energy: Contact with the orb sends glass everywhere, adding stacks of Glass Laceration to all members of the raid.





  • Salmoneo Eus: It is getting much louder outside, Hawthorne. Many of the Sol Reavers, our Thornguard, are falling. I don't like this one bit.
  • Hawthorne de Diaum: Fool. The citadel is under several layers of duress. We can't just admit defeat now, not while we can maintain the wards.
  • Salmoneo Eus: Do you think it is true? That we finally have that thorn out of our side?
  • Hawthorne de Diaum: I'd rather not see them as a part of the assailants on our holy ground. But now, I have a piece of the capacitor we can use-

The gates open to the asylum. Salmoneo and Hawthorne drop what they are doing.

  • Salmoneo Eus: The wretch... lives? I guess Shadrien failed. A shame, really.
  • Hawthorne de Diaum: Who else but the oh-so-unfathomable son of Loss'end to make his appearance. Unfortunate you came across us here.
  • Deathlius Loss'end: Yes, much like the Rose manor, or Glaecon. So unfortunate indeed. And how did that end? Right, you ran.
  • Salmoneo Eus: Your arrogance is astounding.
  • Deathlius Loss'end: No. Yours is. Thinking you can escape what was inevitable. All this time, I've wanted revenge. And I WILL have it. You've got nowhere to run. It is just us now. Do me a favor, and make it worth the wait this time.
  • Salmoneo Eus: Hawthorne.

Hawthorne conjures an array of Sol paragons to fight Deathlius, Kaijin, and the rest of the advance, leaving them and the adventurers.

  • Hawthorne de Diaum: Fool.
  • Deathlius Loss'end: If you have to use traps to stay me away, then you never were worth it. But I have allies who want you as dead as I do. You know what to do.


  • Salmoneo Eus: You walked into the wrong asylum.
  • Hawthorne de Diaum: It is time we finally close this chapter.

Simul Strength

  • Salmoneo Eus: Let's kill them together.
  • Hawthorne de Diaum: I'd rather kill them by myself.

Asylum Insanic

  • Salmoneo Eus: Carve screams from your allies!


  • Hawthorne de Diaum: The shadows are NOT your allies!

Bomb Run

  • Salmoneo Eus: It is time to get a little... explosive.

Vorpal's Edge

  • Hawthorne de Diaum: I will rip you to pieces!

Killing a player

  • Salmoneo Eus: And down goes another.
  • Salmoneo Eus: Worthless wretch!
  • Salmoneo Eus: A fool's errand!
  • Hawthorne de Diaum: You deserved death.
  • Hawthorne de Diaum: Begone from my sight!
  • Hawthorne de Diaum: Carelessness cost you your life!


  • Salmoneo Eus: The Shardlord's fervor is what I deserve! YOU will NOT take that away!
  • Hawthorne de Diaum: Damnable fools! Know your place!

Phase II (Rising)

  • Salmoneo Eus: I will watch you bleed incessantly. Behold, MY ARSENAL OF GLASS!
  • Hawthorne de Diaum: Kallan's capacitor is MINE to command. All of you wretches are due for my blades!

Bow spawns

  • Salmoneo Eus: Even in death, the bow fights for their master!

Sol Pillar

  • Hawthorne de Diaum: Behold, the gleam of the Sun!

10% on Rising

  • Deathlius Loss'end: HA! I am enjoying this. Kill them my friends!


  • Salmoneo Eus: Careless mortals!
  • Hawthorne de Diaum: You fools were lacking!


  • Salmoneo Eus: Impossible... to lose to you...
  • Hawthorne de Diaum: This can't be reality... damn mutts!


Salmoneo and Hawthorne lie defeated, bleeding severely. Salmoneo looks fearful, Hawthorne relieved.

  • Salmoneo Eus: Blast.... ugh... my wounds. Hawthorne... we need to get out of here.
  • Hawthorne de Diaum: Luckily, we have this.

Hawthorne flashes a teleportation matrix, but it is quickly sliced away by Deathlius, who then kicks Hawthorne over.

  • Hawthorne de Diaum: AGH! 
  • Deathlius Loss'end: Any final words? An apology, perhaps? Maybe your souls yield redemption, rather than an eternity of torment.

Salmoneo and Hawthorne are quiet, before Salmoneo speaks.

  • Salmoneo Eus: I'd apologize, but that would do nothing to spare me from my fate. All I can say is... we lost.

Hawthorne laughs.

  • Hawthorne de Diaum: You fool. You stupid coward!

Deathlius slams Hawthorne to the wall before throwing him down to the ground.

  • Salmoneo Eus: Hawthorne, you miserable oaf. We have lost. Now is not the time for comedy. We're fighting for our lives here.
  • Hawthorne de Diaum: You said it yourself, Salmoneo. Apologies won't spare us from death. So I am enjoying my last moments.
  • Deathlius Loss'end: I've wanted to kill you both for as long as I can remember. But I knew deep in my heart that killing you wouldn't bring them back. Nor would it bring them pride. It would only sate my vengeance. But the more I see your decrepit, weakened state, the more I feel like I shouldn't. It wasn't killing you in the end that I wanted. I just wanted to forgive, to see you bested. But even that might not be right.
  • Hawthorne de Diaum: Your arrogance has led you to... mercy?
  • Salmoneo Eus: Hawthorne...
  • Hawthorne de Diaum: You're an insufferable fool. We watched your home burn, your attendants and family, slaughtered, right before our eyes. I revel in the sight of the crimson flames that wasted away that horrific foundation you called your abomination of a household. And now you exist to us as a nightmare that just won't fucking die. You don't want to forgive us. You want to haunt us. Hahaha...
  • Deathlius Loss'end: Your words mean nothing. But I agree with haunting you both. Would be my pleasure.
  • Hawthorne de Diaum: If you were any better at that, maybe you'd be able to protect my daughter. To be the man for her that you dreamt of... HAHAHA! Instead....

Deathlius' hands encircle with red energy, visibly angered.

  • Hawthorne de Diaum: YOU KILLED HER! How's that for the savior of the world? HAHAHA-
  • Salmoneo Eus: You fool-

Salmoneo gets sliced, killing him. Deathlius lifts Hawthorne with his kul energies, asphyxiating him, and readying a rain of blades. Deathlius then fires all the blades into Hawthorne, leaving a severely mutilated corpse on the ground.

  • Deathlius Loss'end: I'm sorry Rose. I'm sorry Mum and Dad. It's done now.


  • Vorpal's Edge (dagger)
  • Leaking Capacitor Globule (trinket)
  • Asylum Insanic's Shock Necklace (necklace)
  • Glassborne Coif (leather helmet)
  • Shadowcast Chainhelm (mail helmet)
  • Arsenal Recurve (bow)
  • Lacerator Breastplate (plate chest)
  • Crystallized Robes (cloth chest)
  • Thornguard Signet (ring)
  • Thrice-Ticking Mechanism (trinket)
  • Vryllcrown Memoria


  • Thorns of Thrice
  • Master: Thorns of Thrice
  • Hardened: Thorns of Thrice
  • Rising: Thorns of Thrice
  • On the Edge: Defeat the Thorns of Thrice without anyone being struck by a Vorpal Edge or a detonated explosive on Standard or higher.


  • Salmoneo and Hawthorne having Simul Strength on Rising is intentional, because the majority of the fight's abilities aren't their own, but rather their adds or mechanisms.