Tylious' Legacy

Tylious' Legacy, as he would call it, is the Greatsword of the almighty knight Tylious Dawnbane. He wielded this very weapon in battle, along with it's three channeling energies. The true name of this mighty blade has been long forgotten, only Tylious himself knows it's name, and not even he dare speak it.


This item drops only from Tylious Dawnbane in Old Polcro .

Special AbilitiesEdit

32px-Inv_misc_gem_bloodgem_03.png Blood Slash- Absorbs health, and causes extra rend damage.

32px-Inv_misc_gem_azuredraenite_03.png Soul Slash- Absorbs mana, and causes a random effect of Daze or Confusion.

32px-Inv_misc_gem_deepperidot_03.png Toxic Slash- Poisons the user deadly for an extra 10,000 damage.

32px-Inv_misc_gem_goldendraenite_03.png Demise Slash- All three abilities in one.

Only one ability can be active at a time, you must use of the three Dawn shards to change it.

32px-Spell_deathknight_darkconviction.png Conquest: Strikes a cone in front dealing 65,000-85,000 damage. Requires 50% of the Adrenaline bar.

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  • Icon-lightbulb.png Shadius Patch X-1: Upgraded price from 62 Gold.png to 202 Gold.png, while the Silver and Copper stay the same. The stats in addition have been tweaked and fixed. (December 14, 2010)
  • 32px-Inv_misc_gear_01.png Patch X-1: Added.