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Tylious Dawnbane is the Lord of Cronia, leader of the Cronian Legions, previous master and owner of Old Polcro, and current Highlord of The White Scarves. Tylious has accomplished much in his life; he is an honourary lord of the Twin Cities, he is war veteran of the Maelstrom War, and an expert tactician. Tylious is mentioned mostly in the lore of Old Polcro, though in recent times he has began to reforge his legacy after his fall. He has fought many battles, suffered many betrayals, and fell to the hands of death twice, but yet he remains. One of his greatest mortal enemies, Galeron Duskwither, slew him swiftly.

However, Tylious, raised from the dead and bound to servitude to Galeron, broke free of his wretched powers and slew him where he stood, and now he is his only prisoner in Old Polcro. After being slain, Tylious was chaotic, only the adventurers who defeat him could release the chaos in his body and make him who he once was. Since then, he has become a notable ally and commander in campaigns in Omegaheim, the Kingdom of the New Sigil, and amongst the vast lands of Ibeon.

Neutral_32.png Tylious Dawnbane


Highlord of the White Scarves




Deathic Elf


The White Scarves


Highlord of the White Scarves


Old Polcro (Patch X-1) The Lost Lands (Patch X-6) Khraz'Mion (Patch X-8) The Skelden Halls of Blood (Patch X-9) Omegaheim (In Spirit Form) (Patch X-10) The Outer Regions (Patch X-12) Death'kul (Patch X-15) The Silver Gates (Patch X-17) Rise of the Godforged (Patch X-20)


Alive (lore) Defeatable (LL)


None known


Chaotic Neutral (Old Polcro) Lawful Neutral (Otherwise)


A full history of Tylious Dawnbane will be released here: The Lore Pages: Tylious Dawnbane.

A Legend's Legacy[]

Tylious makes his first appearance in Outhrend.

The Rise of Tylious[]

Inv_bar_draconic.png This was released with Patch X-1.

Tylious Dawnbane was released in game, with all of his lore and abilities as a boss in Old Polcro. Only raiders who have completed all of Old Polcro can fight him in the Court of Cronia, a zone within the castle. He dropped his own set of armor, and must be defeated to cleanse his soul of the destruction Galeron caused to him.

The Lost Lands of Desecration[]

Inv_bar_draconic.png This was released with Patch X-6.

With the death of Atru'nexra, the magic shielding an ancient darkness faded, revealing lands long lost. These lands were home to Tylious before his rise to dominance in Old Polcro. In fact, these were the lands his entire clan of elves fled from. This evil is what forced Tylious from his home, and with the shield faded, he can now return to his home and free it from it's new master.

Heroes of My'Drakthian Arwen[]

Inv_bar_draconic.png This was released with Patch X-8.

The dwarves of Khraz'mion have long been an ally of Old Polcro, aiding the once great city in both of the Skelden Wars. However, after the fall of the city, and the rise of Tylious as the new king, the dwarves retreated back into their great city, and sealed the doors shut. The dwarves began to expand their once great empire, but released an ancient evil, a race of ethereal beings long known the the dwarves as Vizier. Now their city has become over run, their king corrupted, and they seek help from any who can aid it. Tylious joins the assault to repay the debt the people of Old Polcro owe to them.

Blood of the Fallen[]

Inv_bar_draconic.png This was released with Patch X-9.

Tylious leads a small assault group into the home of the Skelden; The Halls of Blood. The Skelden have been a mortal enemy of the Cronian people for decades, and Tylious now wishes to rid the world of these creatures once and for all, but the Skelden won't leave without a fight.

End of the Legacy[]

Inv_bar_draconic.png This was released with Patch X-10.

Tylious made a small appearance in the final encounter of Omegaheim. Were the raid to choose the left most platform, they got a small ability from Tylious himself, which were his three shards. The raid could heal, poison, or sap mana for their benefit. It was however, excruciating.

A Legend's Legacy: The War Reincarnated[]

Inv_bar_draconic.png This was released with A Legend's Legacy: The War Reincarnated

Now that Tylious has completed all he has wished for on Outhria, he decides to aid the players on the Kingdom of the New Sigil. Tylious now leads an elite group of soldiers, formed with Fordron, himself, and many well respected warriors from the New Polcro Strike Force, dubbed The White Scarves. Tylious now joins the players in battle whenever possible, to honour all that the players have done for him, and to hopefully repay the debt he owes them for saving him from the darkness from Old Polcro.

Vision and the Voice[]

Inv_bar_draconic.png This was released with Patch X-12

Tylious aided the hereos, as well as Sera and the White Scarves, in the battle of Valun'tsia, bastion of the Outer Old Ones in The Outer Regions raid. Tylious plays a vital role in the defeat of both the Vision and the Voice, Klaxon and Thotazlxax.

The Cheater of Death[]

Inv_bar_draconic.png This was released with Patch X-15: The Cheater of Death

Tylious aided the heroes in raiding Death'kul, the home of his old and long time friend Deathlius. Just before players engage the final boss and free Deathlius, Tylious goes insane, finally succumbing to the memories and actions that built up over time. Players defeat Tylious, freeing him from his madness, thus changing his life once more.

Prelude to the Rise[]

Inv_bar_draconic.pngThis was released with Patch X-20: Prelude to the Rise.

Tylious, knowing this to be the final battle of the New Kingdoms, accompanies the heroes, along with Deathlius, in a massive assault on the great being Zarkath'Modan. Tylious grants the heroes his powers if they wish for his help.

A Legend's Legacy: The Rise of Grimbane[]

Inv_bar_draconic.pngThis was released in the X-21 pre-patch.

Tylious accompanies the heroes to the newly rediscovered continent of Nordrasith. Tylious has less desire for battle since the events on the New Kingdoms, but will help only where and when it is needed. Tylious occupies himself with academic endeavors at the Iluvanaar University.

A Legend's Legacy: At World's Turn[]


A Legend's Legacy: Inferno[]

Tylious plays a large role in this expansion, as players journey with him to Ibeon

Tylious' Titles[]

Tylious has been through a lot in his life, and as such, has been called many things by many people. Here is a list of every title Tylious carries, or has carried, in the order of which he obtained them. Titles he no longer carries are marked with an asterisk.

  1. The Unspoken. (When banished from his homeland.) *
  2. Savior of the Lost Lands. (Leading his people to Old Polcro.) *
  3. The Spear of Cronia. (While leading the Cronian Legion.) *
  4. The Cold King. (Start of his rule in Old Polcro.) *
  5. The Scourge of Darklight. (Awakening prior to defeat in Old Polcro.) *
  6. The Broken. (After defeat and subsequent rising.) *
  7. Wielder of Redemption. (Obtaining K'chonal)
  8. Landwaster. (Defeat of Endnarok in Omegaheim.)
  9. Champion of Outhria. (Recognition of his deeds done on Outhria.)
  10. Highlord of the White Scarves. (Founding of the White Scarves. Still goes by this title.)
  11. Godslayer. (Defeat of Thotazlxax.).
  12. Winterlord. (After gaining honorary status as the lord of Winterstorm.)
  13. Champion of Madness. (After his madness in Death'kul.)
  14. Timetreader. (Saving of Xanaxath.)
  15. Worldbreaker. (Defeat of Zarkath'Modan.)


Since the events of Death'kul, Tylious has come to realize what was wrong with his life. He started taking things a lot less serious, allowing more room for relaxation and friends, instead of just work. However, Tylious still takes his work very seriously when it is needed, and leads his armies with the same dedication he had before.

Tylious no longer hides away in public, instead he now ventures out and interacts with people, be they people who look up to him or complete strangers. Tylious knows the everybody has something to give, and takes whatever advice he can from anybody.

Weapons/ Armour[]

Tylious has since abandoned all of his old armour, it being completely destroyed in Death'kul. Tylious requested the heroes make him a new set of armour. His new set of armour is built of the plates of the mythical Aggrilionrau that stalks the New Kingdoms. he still carries the tattered shards of the Cronian flag, tied around his arm, but has abandoned his embellished cloak, for a simple black, hooded cape.

Tylious wields two weapons; his favored weapon, K'chonal, and his broadsword Isoal. Tylious carries both into battle and about, never leaving his house without both. K'chonal grants Tylious control over his old powers, while his broadsword has no powers, but is of exceptional craftsmanship, and of unknown origin.

Abilities and Powers[]

Much of Tylious' power was released with his demise, but he still holds some power over his old abilities. Most notable is the fact that he can still bring upon his enemies The Shattering, the same ability he uses in Old Polcro. Aside from that he holds minor power over blood, soul and toxic, and can strike with less powerful attacks imbued with those powers.


Old Polcro[]

  • Blood, soul, and toxic, these are the components of true demise. (Generals of Tylious encounter)
  • And now, you shall all be the prelude to the shattering. (To Fordron in their confrontation)
  • Watch as the world around you shatters! (Using the Shattering)

Misc Raids[]

  • You killed me, destroyed everything I was, BROKE my legacy... For that I give you my unending gratitude. Thank you heroes, you saved my life that day. (To players prior to the opening of the Desecrated Sanctuary)
  • So here we stand, the threshold of Thotazlxax's keep: the heart of dark Valun'tsia. We have all worked hard for this moment heroes! Behind us history was made, for this day we slew four Outer Old Ones, we sieged their bastion, and decimated thier forces! Once these gates open, there is no doubt that Thotazlxax will be waiting patiently, reveling in the coming fight! Basking in the glory of his coming victory! BUT WE SHALL NOT FALL THIS DAY! HERE WE STAND, ONCE AND FOR ALL! WE SHALL NOT GIVE HIM THE PLEASURE OF VICTORY! WE SHALL NOT GIVE HIM THE PRIDE IN DESTROYING ALL WE KNOW AND LOVE! (Thotazlxax opening)
  • And now here you are, the same people who killed me! Walked right into my home, and FUCKING KILLED ME! Why should I allow you anywhere NEAR him!? I know what you can do, I know your power, I know you have no problem with MURDER! (Madness of Tylious opening.)


  • What did you say? I dare you to say it again. COME ON. (to Cruentus)
  • I AM the void. Your final act, and your end. (to Cruentus)
  • YOU. You make me sick. (to Cruentus)
  • You are pathetic, could never compare... *spits* You are absolutely nothing compared to who or what I have faced. But your last battle, dying to my hand... that is your greatest triumph. (to Cruentus)
  • Cruentus? I slaughtered him. He is nothing. He is no more. (to Salvator)
  • That ass wouldn't let me help him. Said he doesn't want me to get caught in his way. Selfish if you ask me. So before he left I told him he better not try that shit next time I say I want a kill. (about Deathlius)
  • The crazy bastard has been found!


  • Well met Champion.
  • I pray all is well?
  • What a day to be alive!
  • Be thankful for your life, not everyone will have as many chances as me.
  • You've done much for me. Thank you.
  • You heed the call, Champion. Honor guides you.
  • I have met Death many times. I pray the next is the last.
  • Anything you need? No? Then get out of my face.
  • Be quick, I'm a very busy man.
  • What on earth are you doing? (Annoyed)
  • Stop it, lest I cleave off your head. (Annoyed)
  • I suggest you don't do that. (Annoyed)
  • I am demise. I. Will. End you. (Annoyed)
  • Tylious' eyes flare blue. (Annoyed)
  • I will freeze the blood in your veins! (Annoyed)
  • Tylious slams his axe into the ground. I will shatter your soul! (Furious)
  • Tylious sighs. You don't give up do you? You have to keep poking me? (Exasperated)


  • Despite no longer carrying the title of the Cold King, he still calls himself this on occasion.
  • Tylious is over 100 years of age, estimated to be 120.
  • Godslayer is his favourite title, despite rarely being called it.