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Tyurak Riften, is a noble, member of, and former leaders of both the World Council and God Council. He ascended to the world council through strong debate, and further to the God Council through the choice of Astrous and Voidlak. He, however, stepped down from the leadership of the God Council after Astrous and Voidlak's Decision about Outhria.

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Not much is known about Tyurak, not even his ancestors or his descendants. All that is known that he was the leader of the debate between settlement in Outhrend. This "settlement" was to maintain positive control of each "new" district in Outhrend by appointing a leader and communing the common law.

When Astrous and Voidlak made a decision to reset life on Outhrend, followed by Outhria, since they have foreseen chaotic madness in the future, Tyurak tried to stop them, hoping to be that for Outhria, the chaos can be requelled. This however, failed.

After the incident where Astrous and Voidlak ultimately say no, Tyurak steps down from leadership. He says he no longer has any ideas fit for the council. Even though he is told to keep his position, after "failing" to stop Astrous and Voidlak, he still replies; "In my position, I should be able to speak out. However, my voice just wasn't loud enough."

In A Legend's Legacy[]

24px-A_Legend%27s_Legacy_Icon.png This contains content exclusive to the game.

Tyurak Riften is a single quest giver, located in the Pinnacle of Achievement via the Communion Portal. He offers the following quest.

  • Neutral_32.gif [90] Tyurak's Ascension: Find his book in the Pinnacle Library and read about it, then tell Tyurak what you have learned.

Stepping Down[]

Inv_bar_draconic.png This was released with Patch X-2.

After completing the Sacred Holme raid instance, the after events follow that Tyurak steps down from being leader of the God Council, as he feels he is not fit, nor has any ideas left for te council. His position is then filled by Garnor Azetras.


  • Tyurak is considered to be the "most mysterious member".
  • His book is 16px-Inv_misc_book_11.png [Tyurak's Story], it can be found in the Pinnacle Library randomly. It explains about his life, as well as his descension, meaning he must have wrote it in after he stepped down as leader.
  • According to his book, Tyurak was a Summoner.