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Welcome lads. Working on Patch X-18. Just kidding. It's done.

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Game Plans/Ideas

  • 24px-A_Legend%27s_Legacy_Icon.png A Legend's Legacy
  • 24px-The_War_Reincarnated_Icon.png A Legend's Legacy: The War Reincarnated
    • As the end of conflict on Outhria supposedly falters, a grand event that resets and changes several memories in the timelines bring back another chance at the Maelstrom War, one of the most bloodiest conflicts ever seen.
  • 24px-Logorog.png A Legend's Legacy: Rise of Grimbane
    • With the Reborn Maelstrom War ending, the rise of a dark and forgotten foe surfaces. With the visage of Death itself, it is up to adventurers to take down the king who is known for cursing the dead ones.
  • 24px-Logoawt.png A Legend's Legacy: At World's Turn
    • The world is now at it's knees. Too much disturbance in spacetime has weakened the great Oraclos, the Worldholder. Will his hold on the world eventually cause it's collapse or will he be rejuvenated in time for dark powers to be buried?
  • 24px-Logoinf.png A Legend's Legacy: Inferno
    • As the world begins to repair itself, new events take place. What will the world prepare in preparation for the lord of the Outer Old Ones, Hubnester?
  • 24px-Logors.png A Legend's Legacy: Risen Sun
    • The views of reality and distortion have hit the brink. As the Shard of the Sun prepares it's final plans for world unification, the end of several stories comes to the conclusion as the biggest personal war surfaces. (Half of LL done)
  • [purple/white?] Ones Among Us/Gods Among Us?
    • With the barriers protecting Outhria gone, the Old Ones have returned to exact their influence. The sways of the world hang in the balance in the fourth and final Old One War.
  • [purple/white?] Keymaker?
    • A war of protecting Outhria begins, as the world becomes more and more chaotic. The Aeternas of all five factions fight for control and law of the world. The Rael and Eolis fight for ideology, the Borne fight for neutrality, the Lux fight for secrecy and truth, and the Nihil Aeterna have made it to have the gods be indifferent, as they seek the Osiris Key, the last form of contact for the Gods.
  • [brown] War Within Us?
    • The kings of the Brotherhood and Confederacy reach their final years as king, as they unlock their divine right that their ancestors sealed so long ago. In a wake of what seems like unity as last, one event interrupts and causes an unseen calamity; the Bro-Con War.
  • [black] All Is Torn?
    • Adventurers journey into the opposite, reverse world of Outhria, to uncover the darkest and deadliest series of secrets ever known, in order to prepare for the future of what is to come.
  • [crimson] End of the Equation?
    • This is the end. It all ends, everything.