A Legend's Legacy Wiki

Hello everyone. It has come to my attention that while you wait for some new content, I shall release a bit of extra content to you, yourselves, truly. So here's Hidden Update 1 summed up for you:

Brand new mobs (or more or less related)

  • Valkyries . (Valkyrie , Kyrie Flier , Valkyrie Lance Strider , Gale Kyrie )
  • The all new Imp Jockey.
  • Tons of new spiders and scorpions. (Cobalt Spider , Titanium Spider , Lasertail Scorpion , Scorp Corp )
  • Perforation Dragon.

Skill Updates (minis, but good nonetheless)

  • Engineers at a Level of 75 can now make the all new Slider Cube .
  • Construction workers can now add a new variant of chest to their room, namely after jewels.
  • Herbalists are in luck, as they can now make two new potions, the Kyrie's Bloom and Despair Acid.

Some achievements (Goodies)

  • (Jockied for Jock)
  • (Let's Slide)
  • (Worth Making?)
  • (Bloom and Despair)
  • (Lovin' These Things)