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The R.B. The R.B. 5 August 2019


The Inferno fades, a moment of peace in an ever changing world. In a world such as this, ones work is never done, one must always be vigilant, lest those that would see the world thrust into ruin gain the upper hand; such is the price of freedom.

But for now, the world is open, nothing stands in the way of freeodm. The land of Ibeon is now free from the shadow of the Inferno, the storms and shadows that guard the world border fade; Ibeon can now claim its rightful place among the great lands of the material plane. There is more beyond the horizon than the lands of Ibeon; worlds never seen, and wonders beyond imagining.

In the worlds beyond, your troubles are worth nothing, and your accomplishments even less.

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The R.B. The R.B. 12 January 2015

Well Well Well 22

It's a new year, and a new year means new content!

There are big things coming friends, trust me. Nick and I have met to plan out the next expansion and subsequent patches, and I must say, I'm excited!

So what's coming up? I want to say, oh how I want to say! But alas, I wish to keep what is coming up a surprise. For the most part.

It was a content drought to end all content droughts! Honestly, I have no idea why Nick and I never updated, we have all the time in the world to do so!

But now we have a plan! So here's what I'm willing to tell you:

  • The first big raid you'll venture into is Glaecon, located on Glaecings. Now this isn't a secret, the beginnings have already been posted! But once everything is out will you realize the true might of th…

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The R.B. The R.B. 23 September 2014

Well Well Well 21

Greetings friends and enemies alike! It's been awhile since I've done one of these eh? February I do believe was the last one. Why has it been so long one might ask? Quite frankly I've been very busy, even more so now that I'm in school. But there in is something strange; I find myself with more work, while at the same time I have more free time because of it.

So what does that mean for me? Well hopefully I can actually get more work done and more frequently done here. Now I don't remember where we left off wokring on X-20, I don't know if Nick has progressed in any other way, but I will hopefuly progress more in my own way.

I have plans, oh do I have plans, I just have to regain my grasp of where we are in the story.

It's been awhile since I…

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The R.B. The R.B. 4 February 2013

Well Well Well 20

Patch X-14 is chugging along, if it is doing do nicely, I do not know, regardless, this is unrelated to the patch, or even future patches, no spoilers or sneak peeks for those who want them. Instead, this has to do with my writing. As we should all know from my previous entry, my work on the "Vision and the Voice" story is coming along nicely, but I have plans for future stories. 

Long ago I started writing a story for Old Polcro, not one that was merely what we see in the game, but everything to do with Old Polcro, everything from its founding to its fall. I might begin work on that again after I'm done with the Vision and the Voice. 

Next up, as seen on here, I have been working quite intently on the Legends of Old questline, so guess what…

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The R.B. The R.B. 30 January 2013

A Short Excerpt

As none of you may know, considering I've only told maybe two people about this, I have been working on a written story version of the "Vision and the Voice" questline. I may not be the best writter, but I believe my skill in creating literary works is fine. So I give you, a short excerpt from the story. Looking at the questline compared to the story, I'm writting in the area of the second quest (Deeper Into Converged Space).

“It was thanks to you that I was able to save my ancestral home.” he sheathed his axe again, before stepping out of the door. Tylious lived in the Valley, despite his hatred for the pureness of the City of the Sky. Thankfully he was able to build a small house on the other side of the Valley, near the second mountain r…

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