A Short Excerpt

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As none of you may know, considering I've only told maybe two people about this, I have been working on a written story version of the "Vision and the Voice" questline. I may not be the best writter, but I believe my skill in creating literary works is fine. So I give you, a short excerpt from the story. Looking at the questline compared to the story, I'm writting in the area of the second quest (Deeper Into Converged Space).

A Short Excerpt

“It was thanks to you that I was able to save my ancestral home.” he sheathed his axe again, before stepping out of the door. Tylious lived in the Valley, despite his hatred for the pureness of the City of the Sky. Thankfully he was able to build a small house on the other side of the Valley, near the second mountain range that surrounded the Valley, the Range of Elders. Tylious looked out across the Valley, looking past the trees and grass, saying in time to the non-existent wind, looking past the towering pillars of the City of the Sky, and into the mountains on the opposite sides. Deep in those mountains was his destination, deeper than he, or any party had ventured before the excursion sent by Sera. Tylious looked out, and only just realized how far he had to venture just to reach the mountains, let alone trek through them to find his destination. He sighed as he realized this, and as he remembered he left both his horse and his riding drake back in New Polcro back on Outhria.

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