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Patch X-14 is chugging along, if it is doing do nicely, I do not know, regardless, this is unrelated to the patch, or even future patches, no spoilers or sneak peeks for those who want them. Instead, this has to do with my writing. As we should all know from my previous entry, my work on the "Vision and the Voice" story is coming along nicely, but I have plans for future stories. 

Long ago I started writing a story for Old Polcro, not one that was merely what we see in the game, but everything to do with Old Polcro, everything from its founding to its fall. I might begin work on that again after I'm done with the Vision and the Voice. 

Next up, as seen on here, I have been working quite intently on the Legends of Old questline, so guess what, after that is all said and done, I shall write that! Of course this one will be longer, it spans almost the entirety of the expansion, but it'll take sometime to even start, I need to finish it before I start writing.

Some may say, "but R.B.! You can simply write what you have, expand the questline, then write more!" To you I say PAH! It's how I roll. Besides, by the time I finish my other writing projects, I could very well have finished the Legends of Old anyway!

That, is all I got this time. 

Farewell, till next we meet.


The R.B.