We don't have time for gods. We serve but one, and science will break the way.

Neutral_32.png Varo Bartholomew


Founder of the Golden Oculus The Mastermind Mastermind of the Shard of the Sun The Golden Scientist






Golden Oculus (formerly) Shard of the Sun


Scientist, surgeon, experimentalist




Presumably alive





Varo Bartholomew is a high-ranking noble of the Shard of the Sun. He is also a mastermind scientist and surgeon, and was one of the founders of the Golden Oculus, Outhria's leading collective in scientific breakthroughs and discovery. He is partly responsible for the burning of Death'kul, along with Hawthorne de Diaum and Salmoneo Eus, which earned the ire of Deathlius Loss'end and much of the police force in Ultim Clama'kul. In addition to this, he was responsible for the device that would make a large portion of Cramoria's populace under control of the Purple Heart, utilizing Violet de Fleur as a medium. Ever since the incident which resulted in the deaths of Aldaron Loss'end and Lamaria Val'kyra, and the downfall of the Purple Heart, Varo is now nowhere to be found.

After the members of the Golden Oculus discover Varo's use of technology to subjugate entire cities and being able to discover evil forms of magic, he was eventually forced out the organization, with Andro Mikael, the co-founder, taking over his studies and role as leader of the collective. Varo has promised eternal revenge on the remainder of his creation, knowing that one day, his scientific work will make him into a god.

He has yet to appear in A Legend's Legacy, but he will return one day.

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  • Curse you! I swear on the destruction of this that I will end all of you. This is for the greater good! In the name of science, I will become its god.
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