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IconSmall_RaidSkull.png IconSmall_RaidCross.png Vryllon Citadel


Vryllcrown, Destiny


Proxy, Xansha, Neverend, Synstrad

End boss

Shardlord (Tactics)



Advised Level


Player Limit

25 (Adventurer), 10-25 (Standard, Master, Hardcore), 20 (Rising)


Vryllon Citadel attunement


1 week



Vryllon Citadel is an "epic raid" introduced in A Legend's Legacy: Risen Sun, and serves as the pinnacle and final instance of Patch X-40: Endgame. Unlike most raids, the idea of an "epic raid" is to have a "larger, single-player story" within the instance, making it much more larger, expansive, and to a degree, difficult than most conventional raids. In order to access the instance, an attunement chain consisting of the quests within Vryllcrown (the Shardlord's kingdom within Destiny) and opening the four central vaults is required, as they all bear sigils that allows entryway into the gates. The instance itself serves as the final battle of the expansion, culminating in the battle of Deathlius Loss'end versus the Shardlord, uncovering his true identity, and with consequences and ideas that the battle bears weight that could change the course of the universe and the worlds beyond itself with the result, most notably with who is attempting to make his return...

The final staging ground and the throne of the Shardlord, the Vryllon Citadel houses the central headquarters of the Shard of the Sun that was constructed after the events of the Great Turnback within the realm of Destiny. Within the halls, the most resolute and devoted followers of the Shardlord himself lie, known as the Vryllon, and defended by the seemingly infinite force known as the Infinite Army of the Sun. At long last, the Blades of Inxis, with a newly resurrected Deathlius Loss'end seemingly baring the mantle of the Inxisjin after the events of the Infinity Halo, prepare their assault and march into what could be their last stand for the universe.

The instance features ??? bosses and a multitude of secrets that detail the game's story and finalizes the expansion's progress. After completing the ascent up Mt. Verum and uncovering Destiny, adventurers may teleport here afterwards to the realm itself, making their way to the citadel. As an epic raid, the story is much larger and there are more, lengthy, vigorous encounters and events that occur within the instance, culminating as an expression of artistry and development of the expansion itself. Players may begin their quest to obtain the highly powerful weapons known as the Wrath of the Vryllcrown, useful for the boss battles and elites, especially on higher difficulties. Dependent on the difficulty, players may enter based on item level and or requirements from quests and achievements. In particular, the Rising difficulty for the raid is notably harder than other raids, acting as battles that "separate the majestic from the completionists". After completing the instance once, per difficulty, players may fast-travel between the bosses to avoid the roleplay and "campaign-style" of the raid if they so desire.

Shadius has deemed that Vryllon Citadel is the hardest raid he had ever designed, and that the Rising-level bosses are "unforgiving, but not unbeatable", wanting the most challenging experience to truly have the most rewarding sense of fulfillment if bested.


To enter the raid, different requirements are needed:

  • Adventurer: Item level requirement.
  • Standard, Master, Hardened: Let the Endgame Begin: Obtain the four sigils of Vryllcrown and launch the final battle against the Shardlord within Vryllon Citadel.
  • Rising: Prestige of the Vryllon: Complete all the non-Rising achievements inside the Vryllon Citadel instance.

Adventurer difficulty can be queued after reaching a certain item level. To get into the three main difficulties, players must complete the intro questline to the raid. To unlock the Rising difficulty, players must obtain all of the non-Rising achievements, which includes achievements related to the overall raid, boss mechanics, and even surviving a fight flawlessly.


After the Shardlord was risen, during 160 XD, the present, just after the Maelstrom War, he noticed that the crown leader of the Old Ones, Majestus was in Outhria. The Shardlord engaged him in combat, earning his ire. During this battle, he proclaimed use of the Aegis of Absolution, which prevented the Old Ones from entering Outhria. Majestus was accompanied by Zarox and Cruarch, two of his sons, masters of curses and manipulation. The Aegis banished their essence, but Majestus used his weapon, another artifact called the God Lock to banish the Shardlord to the Destiny realm. Despite this, Majestus had some of the Aegis energy on him, and was forced to take a great sleep, before he disappeared. During the reborn war on Grimbane, the Shardlord used his intellect, combined with his mastery of the Paradox Equation, to create a fortress where he could rule and be his one self. With his ever expanding ability, he looked down on Outhria, and saw his followers take up and manifest his will into a reality. From here on, the Shardlord (as the mantle he took for himself) created his will manifest - the Shard of the Sun, using the rich supply of sol energy within Destiny to create the gigantic fortress known as the Vryllon Citadel, as well as the Infinite Army of the Sun, and various other constructs. At some point, the Shardlord through dimensional bleeding acquired the Source, a God artifact with sol energy so sentient it picks its master.






The Vryllon Citadel features sixteen bosses across seven wings. The last three wings feature a single boss, based on the difficulty of their encounters as well as the elite enemies that are encountered before their battle.

Vaults of Comprehension

The adventurers begin at Inxis' Reach, featuring a repair work and several NPCs of the Blades of Inxis as they mount their assault on the citadel's forces.

  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Thorns of Thrice: Salmoneo Eus and Hawthorne de Diaum, long-time associates of the Shard of the Sun known for their insidious autonomy in handling corrupt and political affairs, have worked towards their aspirations of the Shardlord's recognition, such as that they too could become one of the Seven Sols. But now fate has finally led them to meet face to face with the adventurers and their allies who have sought their defeat for so long. Time and time again, they have fled to escape what now has become inevitable, and there is a due to pay, or perhaps a chance of freedom.
    • Normal_Helmet.png Isaak the Ruiner
    • Normal_Helmet.png Khana the Solium Wrecker
    • Normal_Helmet.png Varastum
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Solium Veteran
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Solium Thaumaturge
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Solium Marksman
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Solium Gunsman
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Solium Assassin
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Khana's Assistant
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Solium Elemental
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Solium Destroyer
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Solium Explosive Tender
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Crystal Elemental
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Living Vorpality
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Solium Thornguard
  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Shaziya'dire <Fragment of Reality>: After traversing the infinite expanse of Destiny, the solium elemental known as Shaziya'dire sought salvation, harnessing multiple forms of solium energy that contributed significantly to the Shard's war efforts. Now, manipulating the forces of light and darkness, it wanders the halls of the citadel in hopes of ensnaring the various hostilities that dare tread upon its hallowed sanctum.
    • Normal_Helmet.png Dying Light
    • Normal_Helmet.png Dying Shadow
    • Normal_Helmet.png Blur-rath
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Shard Fragment
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Blackened Being
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Brightened Being
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Shaziya Guardian
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Dire Reaver
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Solium Burster
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Citadel Sol Keeper
  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Infinitron <Vryllon Guardian>: The Infinitron is the name of a gargantuan construct deployed by the Shard of the Sun in singular units to restore unity to corrupt, desolate, and malevolent worlds, even deemed beyond redemption. Limited in number, they still pose a significant threat, damning entire continents with its power, bringing enemies to their knees. Boasting large levels of firepower in the forms of a solium generator and ensnaring spires, the Infinitron guarding the citadel's vaults stands as an obstacle of great stature.
    • Normal_Helmet.png Infinite Annihilator
    • Normal_Helmet.png Infinite Eradicator
    • Normal_Helmet.png Infinite Decimator
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Infinite Sentinel
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Infinitron Segment
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Solium Battle Armor
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Shard Burster
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Living Generator
  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Hatra <Concubine of Evil>: Hatra's coming brings about the wrath of Xanados, the Absolute Evil. Known as a concubine for the vicious Xansha, Hatra brings both cunning and tenacity combined with her malevolent philosophy of hatred and torture to the battle. Wanting the Shardlord's head, her and her various demonic assistants spread defilement, pain, and suffering wherever she treads as she makes her way through the vaults.
    • Normal_Helmet.png Val'kax
    • Normal_Helmet.png Doom'iksha
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Hatra's Spawn
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Resonance of Malice
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Evil Breath

Vryllon Core

The core of the citadel houses an experimental and highly intelligent network of apparatuses that connect to several devices, constructs, and creations within the fortress. At the same time, whispers leak throughout the halls of the grounds, manipulating the most feeble minds, but also unnerving the most resolute at times. After falling through the citadel to what seemed apparent doom, the adventurers must steel themselves for what lies down in the core, as evil forces on the outside begin their assault on the Shardlord's domain.

  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Reaver's Trium: The three core energies manifested with Solium - matter, nova, shade, resilient as they are, take residence in the blades and souls of the Reaver's Trium, the three mightiest Sol Reavers, serving as paragons of each specialization. Responsible for harnessing the strengths of the Shard of the Sun's Reaver armies, the trium takes great pleasure in shaping combat as they see fit, working together endlessly to bring about their enemy's downfall.
    • Normal_Helmet.png Jasus the Exalted
    • Normal_Helmet.png Sol-Knight Adrith
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Matter Reaver
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Nova Reaver
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Shade Reaver
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Trium Guardian
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Shard Amalgam
  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Kaiser Iron <Lost Son of Ghost Iron>: After scouring the continent of Outhesta for clues, the last soldier of the Ghosts of Iron, Kaiser, has worked extensively with the Shardlord behind the scenes to bring about the powers of Ghost Iron, utilizing it for the Shard of the Sun. While this approach appears amicable to both parties, Kaiser seeks to harness Ghost's triumphant powers to not only honor Ghost's legacy and his son Vice's, but to grow in strength and take over Syndra when all is said and done.
    • Normal_Helmet.png Zenith Iron
    • Normal_Helmet.png Judicia Iron
    • Normal_Helmet.png Clarissa Iron
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Ghost Vanguard
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Ghost Dispathcer
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Ghost Spiritwalker
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Vile Torturer
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Apostle of Syndra
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Black Table Guard
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Kaiser's Devoted
  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Chronospatia Paragons: The Chronospatians - mysterious, universal travelers that wield the cosmic competencies of time and space, have existed for eons since the formation of the Paradox Equation, being the first of mortal beings to wield the Paradox Orbs. Three of their paragons research in the Vryllon Citadel, befriended by the Shardlord during his travels to other planets, and possessing strength over time, space, and alteration. While their desires are questionable, their loyalties to the Shardlord are undying, if not the Shard of the Sun as a whole.
    • Normal_Helmet.png Time Blinker
    • Normal_Helmet.png Space Jumper
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Chrono Knight
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Spatian Knight
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Paragon Alterer

Index of Imagination

The Index of Imagination, connected to the floating vessel platform of the citadel, serves as the housing unit and facility for several of the Shard of the Sun's creations, such as the Soliaths that stalked Luxor Reach, and the Infinitron dealt with earlier. Notably, it serves as the scientific headquarters for research and development for Verona Nova, one of two remaining members of the Seven Sols. Adventurers with the assistance of Golden Oculus' master, Andro Mikael look to destabilize the core of the citadel with that of the index, hoping to turn the tide with the solium cruisers the Shardlord launched from Vryllcrown itself.

  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Black-Red <Absolute Intelligence>: Created from the likeness of Claudrien during the early times of the Risen Sun's battle, the artificial intelligence known as Black-Red is possibly the greatest creation of Verona Nova, wielding considerable access over multiple constructs around Destiny, as well as the machinations in its room. While its attempts to deceive enemies of the Shard since the beginning of the war have failed, its resolve to ensure victory has not. Only now will it gain the chance to understand the might of the Blades of Inxis firsthand, but so too will they see its combat capabilities.
    • Normal_Helmet.png I-X-X
    • Normal_Helmet.png M-L-C
    • Normal_Helmet.png V-X-D
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Core Defendant
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Core Assaulter
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Data Formulator
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Intelligence Engineer
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Solium Emissary
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Microwave Emitter
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Solium Defense Turret
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Navigatory Elemental
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Index Defender
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Black-Red Guardian
  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Verona Nova <Shard's Star>: The brightest scientist within the Shard of the Sun's ranks, Verona before what her colleagues described as her descent into madness, was possibly the greatest and creative innovator and inventor on Outhria. Her work over the years earned the ire of the Golden Oculus, resulting in a game of cat-and-mouse to stop her devious conquests of doomsday devices and artificial domination. Andro Mikael, along with the adventurers, now test her might at last, to see who stands as the greatest mind on Outhria.
    • Normal_Helmet.png Shardstar Mk. X
    • Normal_Helmet.png Writhing Intelligence
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Blood of Black-Red
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Nova Repair Unit
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Nova Battle Mech
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Writhing Mass
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Psychic Detonator
  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Solvrynn Arsenal: After the destruction of the initial Solvrynn on Caelastiae, the Solvrynn's combat capabilities came into a high level of success, and significant upgrades were added and various features augmented and altered. The arsenal seen here not only defends the citadel; it was the blueprint of all the Shard of the Sun's future defensive capabilities. This test is stage one of its effectiveness - to see how many need to be deployed to halt what has become a significant nuisance, serving as the blockade to the upper reaches of the citadel.
    • Normal_Helmet.png Infinite Vrynnguard
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Solvrynn Engineer
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Solvrynn Invoker
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Solium Weaponhouse

Reality Compromised

With the core of the citadel in fragments, the Blades of Inxis secure an ascent to the upper foundations of the complex, only to bare witness to the safeguards in place at the Shardlord's disposal, as he prepares for dangerous contingencies meant to be established when malevolence takes a turn. The war outside continues to rage, and evil is furthering its way into the realms of comprehensive reality. Time is of the essence before malice begins to feast on innocence.

  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Game of the Universe: In the midst of planning various campaigns that resulted in the conquest, purification, or redemption of several continents and worlds, the Shardlord built a series of safety networks and wards that take the form of what appears to be a favored pastime - the game of chess. While time is of the essence, a masterful game stands as one of two barriers preventing access to the core of the upper foundation. 
    • Normal_Helmet.png Manifested King
    • Normal_Helmet.png Manifested Queen
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Manifested Rook
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Manifested Bishop
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Manifested Knight
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Manifested Pawn
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Solium Chessmaster
  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Reality Matrix: Within the second portion of the compromised foundations rests an interlocking sequence of mirrors, crystals, and harnessed globules of solium energy, forming an imaginative, ever-regenerating matrix of illusions superimposing as reality. Within the matrix lies the souls of the Seven Sols, or at least, of the ones who fell in battle for the ends of the Shard of the Sun. While they practiced their autonomy for their own secretive, clandestine ends, one reality never came to pass - that they may secure victory, or fall together.
    • Normal_Helmet.png Maiden of Matrices
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Reality Dissolver
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Matrix Proxy
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Guardian of Reality
  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Anom <The Paradox>: A secret hidden since the discovery of the Anomalus Spire and the ascension of Devious, Anom is what is considered the Shardlord's greatest creation, a pure, ever-changing being of incomprehension and reality-altering consequences, taking on the form of the Paradox Equation itself that requires no vision or altered magicks. Now, in its contained state, it exists to function as a sentient manifestation of the Paradox Orbs, carrying out the Shardlord's will until its final destabilization.
    • Normal_Helmet.png Verumus
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Paradoxical Sycophant
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Paradoxical Entity
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Existent Manifestation
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Comprehensive Disruptor
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Essence of Nonexistence

Rise of Fear

Ire, pain, suffering. The penultimate rise of the Vryllon Citadel trembles with memories of suspicion, doubt, and dread. Taking in the full comprehension of the Shard's vision, Shadrien, the last of the Seven Sols, takes this rise as his domain and battleground where he began to witness the Shardlord's plans unfold after it being years in the making. Here, he awaits a battle that will truly test his capabilities to see once and for all what stands against them.

  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Shadrien <Fear Itself>: Shadrien, the right-hand of the Shardlord, carries a history forged in blood, iron, and most of all, secrets of both light and darkness. Responsible for Deathlius' death near the Bell of Veros, Shadrien resolves to finish what he started upon seeing Deathlius return due to an age-old Kul Reaper secret. However, Shadrien wields secrets of all his own, and along with this, the projection of fear itself. A dance of death awaits, and Shadrien demands nothing but murder.
    • Normal_Helmet.png Synstrith
    • Normal_Helmet.png Malekor
    • Normal_Helmet.png Glaiven
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Malevolent Shade
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Auspicious Reaper
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Kul Manipulator
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Desolate Kul
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Vryllon Fearbringer

Endmaker's Finality

After the defeat of the right-hand of the Sun, a monumental task must be fulfilled in order to safeguard the security of the Blades of the Inxis, the adventurers themselves, and the safety of the planet, Destiny, let alone the Almighty Expanse. Even after suffering months of tumultuous pain and torment, displacing the evil within with the Bell of Veros, and being defeated by the Shardlord during the Battle for the Rain, Vlaadtu's dying act still revels on in the heart of Deathlius Loss'end. Being gifted with a secret of primordial age, the adventurers must turn their blades on the one man who had guided them to destroy the apocalypse given form within to save whatever is left of Deathlius' soul.

  • Uber_Boss_Helmet.PNG Deathlius Loss'end <The Endmaker>: After Shadrien's defeat, Deathlius was gifted with another age-old secret, cleansing the evil within his soul, at the cost of it forever until his final breath, removing his only tether to the Paradox Equation. The final obstacle before the battle for the universe, Deathlius has been dying for this moment - to get the vengeance that long eluded him, but to turn his blade on his allies he called friends is something he never imagined. Like most realities he has come to witness, it is one he knows to accept, and is willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means his end.
    • Normal_Helmet.png Lost Love
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Existent Will
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Existent Fear
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Existent Hope

Destiny's End

A showdown that has spanned years in creation, bearing weight, significance, and consequence that will change the course of history and the universe forever. While the evil one stirs within the bleeding outcries of the realm of Destiny, brothers, bound by fate, settle their finalities together to determine what lies in store for the next chapter of the universe. The two bearing the mantles of the Inxisjin and the Vryllux, as fate would always say. Reality, truth, and discovery lie at the precipice at the citadel, and nothing could have stopped the inevitability of this broad circumstance spun by the intricacies of the Paradox Equation. Unity by a created will, or unity by force. The world is watching.

  • Majestic_Helmet.png Shardlord <Shard's Majesty>: The Shardlord, unknown to everyone until now, worked tirelessly to manifest his vision of unity as a reality, especially on Outhria, a world he loves, was a part of, that believes unless the perfection of his calculations comes to pass - is beyond saving. Bearing the mantle of the Vryllux seemingly, he has since discarded it - devoting his ideals of the Shard of the Sun as highly critical to the point. With the Paradox Orbs in hand, along with an arsenal of unseen capabilities, the Shardlord prepares for his finality against the very foes he deemed the greatest threat to his visions, and perhaps the universe.
    • Normal_Helmet.png Charisma of the Sun
    • Normal_Helmet.png Infinite Vryllguard
    • Normal_Helmet.png Shaziya'dire II
    • Normal_Helmet.png Shardlord's Proxy
    • Normal_Helmet.png Grandvryllon Zenith
    • Normal_Helmet.png Grandvryllon Yotta
    • Normal_Helmet.png Grandvryllon Xavier
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Vryllon Paragon
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Vryllon Proxy
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Vryllon Veteran
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Vryllon Defender
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Vryllon Thaumaturge
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Vryllon Marksman
      • 16px-Runespan_level_3.png Vryllon Elemental

Resources and Loot

For the index of loot within the citadel, see Vryllon Citadel Loot.

Players may gather [Echo of Outhesta] from the instance to forge Uber Sets. Using the gems in significant amounts within the citadel makes the [Vryllon Visage of Unity] uber set.

Wrath of Vryllcrown

Quest progression within the instance lands players a [Vryllcrown Vessel] which they can materialize as a legendary Vryllcrown weapon. This weapon can then be upgraded to a godly, then a uber rarity, and lastly, a majestic rarity. All of the resources can be found within the instance as well as questing and defeating powerful enemies within Vryllcrown of Destiny.


  • Vryllon Citadel is regarded as the most difficult raid ever designed, and that bosses on Rising difficulty are both unforgiving, but not unbeatable, almost being different fights entirely.
  • Defeating bosses on Rising give Rising-level gear, with a chance at special Vryllon gear which is equivalent to Fabled gear in item level, but not as strong bonus-wise.
  • The Wrath of Vryllcrown weapons are meant to help adventurers and guilds within the raids, especially on higher difficulties. Having higher-tiered weapons makes the battles significantly easier.
  • Shadius estimated a full 20-man Rising guild with majestic-level Vryllcrown weapons has a 20% chance to defeat the Shardlord. He has also stated he will not nerf any of the bosses, as they have been beaten with Rising-only gear, despite it being numerous, numerous attempts.
  • Vryllon Citadel is said to be a template for majestic-tier raids during endgames of expansions.


  • Vryllon Citadel
  • Master: Vryllon Citadel
  • Hardened: Vryllon Citadel
  • Rising: Vryllon Citadel


  • The raid was known as Vryllon ThroneVryllon Sanctum, and Castle Vryllon during development.
  • This is the first raid where every boss has a Rising-specific phase.