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Woodcutting is the act of chopping wood for making into planks, setting ablaze in fire, or as ingredients for the Construction profession. It is a money-wise skill at higher levels, but some require a much stronger axe to chop it down.


You will need any sort of wooductting axe to chop the tree, even though you can use any other sort of axe. At higher levels you can use more powerful axes, cutting trees faster and providing you with more logs.

How many logs are left before the tree is cut down?Edit

When putting your cursor over a tree, a log icon with a number beside it displays in the box depicting in the tree. This number tells you how many logs are left before it comes down as a stump, being unable to cut until it grows back.

Log ListEdit

There are a multitude of trees to cut down.

This list shows the icon, level requirement, axe needed, logs before stump, and growback time.

For extra help: See Woodcutting/Log List

Icon: Level Requirement: Axe Needed: Logs Before Stump: Growback Time: EXP:
32px-Inv_tradeskillitem_01.png Simple Tree 1 Any axe 50 1 minute 25 seconds 50
32px-Inv_tradeskillitem_01.png Oak 1 Any axe 65 1 minute 25 seconds 50
32px-Inv_tradeskillitem_01.png Evergreen 5 Any axe 80 1 minute 125
32px-Inv_tradeskillitem_01.png Huewood 10 Any axe 75 1 minute 150
32px-Inv_tradeskillitem_01.png Eucuri 15 Bronze Axe 75 1 minute 30 seconds 175
32px-Inv_tradeskillitem_01.png Oakton 20 Bronze Axe 80 1 minute 200
32px-Inv_tradeskillitem_01.png Willow 30 Bronze Axe 90 2 minutes 225
32px-Inv_tradeskillitem_01.png Fine Wood 35 Bronze Axe 90 2 minutes 15 seconds 250
32px-Inv_tradeskillitem_01.png Eucalyptus 40 Silver Axe 80 2 minutes 300
32px-Inv_tradeskillitem_01.png Maple 50 Silver Axe 75 2 minutes 30 seconds 350
32px-Inv_tradeskillitem_01.png Fechwood 53 Silver Axe 75 2 minutes 400
32px-Inv_tradeskillitem_01.png Romanus 57 Silver Axe 70 5 minutes 425
32px-Inv_tradeskillitem_01.png Spirit 61 Silver Axe 70 5 minutes 15 seconds 450
32px-Inv_tradeskillitem_01.png Nether Spirit 65 Gold Axe 75 5 minutes 30 seconds 475
32px-Inv_tradeskillitem_01.png Yew 70 Gold Axe 100 5 minutes 500
32px-Inv_tradeskillitem_01.png Gorewood 80 Gold Axe 95 10 minutes 525
32px-Inv_tradeskillitem_03.png Bloodsplinter 85 Platinum Axe 95 10 minutes 550
32px-Inv_tradeskillitem_03.png Judicore 90 Platinum Axe 90 10 minutes 575
32px-Inv_tradeskillitem_03.png Abyssal 92 Platinum Axe 100 20 minutes 600
32px-Inv_tradeskillitem_03.png Godwood 100 Bistrom's 100 1 hour 1000

Woodcutting AxesEdit

See Woodcutting/Axes for more information.

Axe: Level Requirement: Notes on Axe:
32px-Inv_axe_04.png Woodcutting Axe

Lower than Eucuri

32px-Inv_axe_04.png Axe of Chopping

Lower than Eucuri

Faster than Woodcutting Axe
32px-Inv_axe_04.png Axe of Whacking

Lower than Eucuri

Faster than previous axe
32px-Inv_axe_04.png Bronze Axe 15 Faster than previous three axes
32px-Inv_axe_04.png Silver Axe 40 Faster than previous four axes
32px-Inv_axe_04.png Gold Axe 65 Faster than previous five axes
32px-Inv_axe_04.png Platinum Axe 85 Fastest non-max woodcutting axe
32px-Inv_axe_18.png Bistrom's Greataxe 100

Level 100 Achievement Weapon

Training WoodcuttingEdit

To get started, simply buy the [Woodcutting Axe] from your respective general stores around the world. Then begin to look for a Simple or Evergreen Tree. You can keep the logs or sell them, or tinder them.

As you gain levels, you can cut stronger and better money-making logs.

For more help see Woodcutting/Training.

Machetes and DensityEdit

A new style of woodcutting, in Patch 1.1.7, is the new addition of machete cutting. You are able to hack jungles, vines, and loose hanging debris using a simple tool. There are currently four different machetes, all found in general stores in the area.

For more info see Woodcutting/Machetes

The Woodcutting GuildEdit

Located in the Cutting Crew Forest in Outhrend, people who have 85 Woodcutting or higher may enter for some faster trees to cut down, and a full Woodcutting shop, providing axes for every caliber, as well as a grindstone for increasing the axe's effectiveness.

The Master WoodcutterEdit

Bistrom Choppa, head of the Woodcutting Guild, offers the best items to master woodcutters.

The cape has an exclusive amount, while the axe has a special ability, beneficial to your woodcutting experience.

Related AchievementsEdit